Balanced meal

Balanced Food for DOGS and CATS, the best brands at economic prices and according to the need of your Pet.

Pet Accommodation

If you need to travel and you do not have to order your pet, you can trust our service. Care and attention of your pet for the time that is required. For the best comfort of your pet the service…..

Laboratory exams


The parasites are the worst enemies of our pets, lack of appetite, fatigue … etc. If the sharing changes drastically is because it urgently needs to be deprecated,



Dental Prophylaxis

Pet accessories

Sales of Medical Products

We have available all the medicines and vitamins that your pet needs at every stage of their lives to keep them in the best possible state.

Canine Hairdressing

If you want to see your mascot more glittering and as a candidate to win a beauty contest do not hesitate to bring it. There is a spa service, haircut, medicated bath, vaccinations and departures if you need it. Hairdresser…..